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Perfect for bottle caps or any 1 inch round media! 4 x 6 print size

Images will be e-mailed to buyer. Please allow 24-hours for delivery, although it should not take that long. All images are e-mailed to the e-mail that is associated with your Craft Cafe Invoice unless you notate otherwise.

Please note that digital image colors may vary due to monitor resolution, personal, and/or manufacturer print settings. I am happy to answer any questions you may have as well as help troubleshoot any issues.

1. You MAY NOT sell any of my image sheets digitally, even if you alter them. 
2. You MAY NOT sell any of my image sheets as part of a ZIP, DVD, CD, File transfer, etc. 
3. You MAY NOT post any UNWATERMARKED versions of my images on your webpage, Facebook page, or any other groups, blogs, shops, etc. I ALWAYS give watermarked copies with your purchase for you to use for display purposes. You are always welcome to post watermarked copies. 
4. You MAY NOT give away, trade, or barter any of my image sheets.
5. You MAY NOT mass print these images for sale. They must be part of a DIY kit if you plan on selling the print form only. 

1. Use these images to make a tangible (physical) finished products or crafts to sell.
2. Include printed images as part of a DIY kit. Images MUST be part of a DIY bottle cap kit in order to be sold as an individual printed sheet.

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