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This set of reusable bags and napkins is perfect for carrying your or your kid's lunches! The set includes one personalized tote bag, one personalized snack bag, and two napkins with initials. 

Tote Bag:
Made of unbleached cotton and lined with duck cloth, I will hand embroider any name in the font and color of your choice, please see this listing for font choices,http://craftcafe.co/shop/bleuroo.php?viewproduct=6775 .
The lining is a strong and durable cotton canvas, meant to last a long time. The straps are woven cotton, and there is a small piece of velcro to keep it securely closed. It also has a 4" gusseted bottom so it stands alone. It is apprx. 13" tall and 11" wide.

Snack Bag:
Measures a generous 8"x8". The outer shell is 100% unbleached cotton; the inner liner is water and stain resistant nylon, no icky plastics touching and leaking bad things into your food. The bag closes securely with velcro. For most snacks all you need to do is shake out the crumbs and you're good to go! For especially wet or sticky snacks you can just throw the bag in the washer and hang to dry. Side seams are double stitched for extra durability.
Please see this listing for choice of fonts, http://craftcafe.co/shop/bleuroo.php?viewproduct=6775 . 

One side is an unbleached cotton that is soft yet great for getting that sticky sauce or gooey jelly off your hands! The other side is a super soft and absorbent flannel, perfect for cleaning up spills or wiping noses.
They come with your choice of initials hand embroidered on the corner of each napkin. You choose the thread color and font (see font choices here,http://craftcafe.co/shop/bleuroo.php?viewproduct=6775 )!
The napkins are apprx. 9"x9" square.
You can choose either the dark brown or light tan flannel, or a mixture of both! 

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