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Wicks are cotton for a cleaner longer burn.

They are packaged in an kraft paper box eith little window and tied with bakers twine with a special handmade with love tag upon shipping.

These are all handmade and handpoured by me in VERY small batches (perhaps 2-3 packs at the most) so I can control the quality. Also these were dyed with vegetable dyes

Hawaiian giner and papaya is an amazing smell. Bursting with juiciness but still light and fun! These have an amazing scent throw weather lit or not.

Soy wax was developed as an alternative to petroleum or paraffin based waxes. These are by-products of the fossil fuel industry, produce carbon dioxide and can give off harmful soot and pollutants when burned. Soy is a natural, plant based wax that produces a clean flame with relatively no soot given off. It burns for longer and gives a brighter flame, reducing the amount of candles needed to give the same amount of light.

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