Tutorial: Signing up & Signing in

So you're a shopper looking to favorite some items on Craft Cafe. In order to remember your favorites our site needs you to be registered and have an account with us. That's how our system remembers your favorites from everyone else's.

Registration is easy and free.

From any page on site, if you're not already registered you'll see the above layout - note the red highlighted "SIGNUP" links - click either one to be taken to the registration page.

This is the registration page filled in 100% with - info used for EXAMPLE ONLY.

Once you click the SUBMIT button you're registered. You just need to log in.
-unless it gives you an error-

Click SIGN IN at the top of the page and come to this screen.

If you're not getting emails from craft cafe - make sure to add (*@craftcafe.co) to your email contacts list so you get all emails delivered to your inbox.

On the login screen - simply enter your email address and password you entered during sign up and it will take you to the main craft cafe page - like so (note my account is now logged in)

Every time you log into our site, the system will log you out from any other open session you have stored somewhere. So if you're on your phone, and you log in on a pc, it will log you out of the phone session. This is done for security reasons. So that your information isn't available to people who aren't you.

Sometimes you may get an error that it can't log you in. After one try and you get an error - try clearing your browser's cache files - before trying again. If you're still having issues - or you think your account is locked - try the lost password request form on the sign in page.

The lost password request form requires your LAST name you signed up with and your email address. It will send an email to you from one of our administrative emails - again this is why it is important to add *@craftcafe.co to your address book. This ensures you receive all emails - otherwise check your spam folder.

Once you get the email from us for the password reset - you can then follow the instructions in the email - and reset your password. Admin cannot see passwords so we cannot give you your password by email. YOU MUST process a lost password request and reset it on your own.

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