Tutorial: How to Leave Feedback - Buyer To Seller

One of the biggest features of any buying site is the ability to leave feedback. Our feedback system has been up for a while but some people have have been confused on how to do so. This tutorial is designed to make that easier.

To find your purchases when logged in, on the left hand side of the front page - is now 'orders placed' (this may be changing soon) - but for now the direct link would be: http://craftcafe.co/account/orders.php
Once in there you'll see a screen a bit like the one below - mine shows two purchases one that I've not left feedback for (green text) and one that I've left feedback for (red text). The photos show step by step how to leave both ITEM feedback (where you're ONLY rating the product itself on quality, workmanship, color, etc), and how to leave SELLER feedback - where you're going to rate the experience of buying from that particular shop - things such as customer service, adherence to stated turn around times, packaging, and any other SELLER based comments.

It is up to the buyer to leave quality feedback that includes details that are noteworthy - did a seller go above & beyond in their packaging, presentation and overall positive attitude with the sale? If so - note that. Were there issues with an item's quality but the customer service and seller's actual behavior about the sale great? Leave details about the product in item feedback and details about the seller's positive behavior/willingness to correct issues in the seller feedback.

There is no time limit to leaving feedback. However, if an order is cancelled, no feedback will be allowed for that transaction. 

This image shows the green highlighted areas as incomplete feedback - red ones being completed feedback - the little icons show up as dark green when feedback has been recorded for that item/seller.

Clicking the Feedback Icon - for an item brings up the feedback window. You have a few quick questions to answer and an area for comments. What you post in the comment box will be shown to the public. If you want to contact a seller about an item or an issue you think needs improvement or just to give an extra happy thought - Click on the shop name above each transaction [blacked out area middle of page above 1st item shown] This will take you to the seller's shop - where you can use the contact seller button on the left hand side - anything sent through the message system will remain private.

This image shows you how to leave SELLER or SHOP feedback - similar style of leaving feedback - remember what you post is public. Please make sure you're polite even if it wasn't a positive experience. 

Once you click submit your feedback will appear in the seller's FEEDBACK tab so they can view it themselves - or other sellers can view shop and item feedback from within the shop view on the bottom left hand meun of a shop's main page or within item views.

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