Craft Cafe Artisan Chat - Debora Mauser Designs

Craft Cafe Artisan Interview - Debora Mauser Designs

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Meet Debora Mauser from Debora Mauser Designs

♥ Please tell us about yourself:
All my life I have created things, starting with woven potholders as a child and then numerous handcrafts, like sewing and knitting and crossstitch, ended up becoming a hairdresser.  When parenthood took over, I started down different paths but found my true calling when I started creating jewelry.  From creating, I have moved onto teaching. I teach nationally at venues like Bead and Button, Bead Fest, William Holland School of Lapidary Arts and many other places.  I am just starting my journey into online shopping and hope to have a successful partnership with Craft Café.

♥ How long have you been in business?
12 Years

♥ Please describe your business:
Lately my focus has been on teaching, but have sold my jewelry at small shows and even at house parties.  I need a presence online and Craft Café has made that easy to attain.  I create one of a kind jewelry that reflects my love of texture, form and color.

♥ Tell us what inspires you:
Like many others, the nature around me is a true inspiration, the shape of a tree trunk, the colors of flowers and the movement of those elements all bring ideas to me.

♥ Please share with others, your best marketing techniques:
Always wear your creations, take business cards with you at all times.

♥ What do you love most about your business?
I love taking flat wire and metal and turning into a three dimension creation.  When I teach the part that I love most is seeing my students eyes light up when they ‘get it’.

♥ Please tell us why have chosen Craft Café as a venue for your business?
I have thought about an online store for several years, and even reserved a place on another site, but never opened it.  I chose Craft Café because of their price structure, there seeming less endless energy and commitment to their sellers.

♥ What advice can you give for crafters/artisans just starting out?
Practice, practice, practice.  It takes years to develop your craft/art to the point that most are satisfied enough to offer their products for sale.  Learn, learn, learn… take classes, read, network. All invaluable to the creative process.

♥ Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I hope to be teaching at larger venues and in some local galleries as well as advancing my online store.  My work is evolving continuously, now using more metal and color than ever. The road is always twisting and turning.

♥ Lastly, would you like to offer our readers a special or coupon code for your Craft Cafe shop?
Yes, I would like to offer10% off til 12/15, simply use code: xmas when checking out at my  Craft Cafe Shop.

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We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Debora for all her love and support.

Be sure to visit Debora Mauser Designs soon ♥ ♥ Craft Cafe Shop / Facebook

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