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Meet Brandy Potter from Bent and Burnt

Please tell us about yourself: 
I live in Hackett, AR.  Woohoo-go Hornets!! I have an awesome hardworking husband who is my biggest fan.  1 crafty daughter, 3 crazy boys, 1 Great Dane named Frank, and a turkey named T.D. (short for Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, boy was he lucky we all decided we liked him too much!)  I have a workshop outside where the majority of my things are, but of course I have drug projects all over the place and they seem to be in every nook and cranny imagineable!  My husband has a construction company, so he gives me all his leftovers.  When I die I am positive my tombstone will read, "Don't toss that, I can make something with it!"

How long have you been in business?
I have been making things for years here and there selling them, but to actually have been doing craft shows and such, I would say probably about 2 years now.

Please describe your business:
Bent and Burnt, I like to think is what country looks like.  I make country decor.  Barbed wire and reclaimed wood just screams southern down-home to me.  Its pretty much me making things that I would love to have in my own house but don't have room for!

Tell us what inspires you:
My inspiration comes from everywhere. Nature, photos, people.  I can go to a friends house and see a bare spot on their wall and think, hmmm.......a *blank* would look good there.  Then off I am with an idea of something to make.  I could mow the yard, paint the house, do a million loads of laundry, bbq, and entertain the kids, but when I make something new it actually feels like I accomplished something for the day.

Please share with others, your best marketing techniques:
WORD OF MOUTH!  Okay, I'm gonna do a plug here.....my older, yeah Karen I said it, OLDer sister has an amazing horse tack business with some of the most beautifully made tack called Pampered Pony Tack (check it out on facebook).  Now me being quite possibly the most un-technologically savvy person on the planet, I ask her what her secret is for marketing.  Its no secret people....word of mouth.  Facebook can be your best friend.  Put your stuff out there, direct people to your shop.  Your friends will share, then their friends and before you know it, everyone has seen your stuff!

What do you love most about your business?
People for sure.  If you can't tell by now, I'm a talker!  I can bend wire, burn signs, boxes or whatever all day long, but until you can get it into someones hands and you can tell its exactly what they wanted or that they just found that perfect gift for someone then you've done it for nothing.  Peoples reactions to the things that you have put your time and effort into making are what keeps you wanting to make more

Please tell us why have chosen Craft Café as a venue for your business?
Actually Jennifer Taff, owner of Craft Cafes' - My Kiddos and Me, was my reason for trying the Cafe.  Jennifer and I have been good friends since Junior High.  Shes a very talented, quirky, up-beat person.  Our styles are so totally different from each others but together we have been known to come up with some great ideas.  Now anyone that knows Jen, knows that she is a bloodhound for checking out every detail on something before she commits.   She called me one day and tells me that she's just signed up on this great new craft site for handmade artisans and crafters called Craft Cafe.  I knew it was something that I should check into.  Craft Cafe, unlike all the other craft venues I've seen or used, has more of a family feel.  You don't feel lost in the shuffle.  The admins are spectacular!  If there is a problem they are on it like my kids on a honeybun!  Its nice to be surrounded by other crafters and artisans that encourage each other and that aren't afraid that you'll steal their spotlight.  They are quick to share their techniques and give advice.

What advice can you give for crafters/artisans just starting out?
Love your stuff.  Not everyone is going to like what you make or what you do, in fact, some people may down right hate it.  But if you can show people how much you love it and that you stand behind your work, then whether they do or not they will at least respect the effort you put into it.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
 I would love to have an actual business.  A "for real" brick and mortar, my name is on the building, walk through the door and there is my stuff, business!  When people ask me "Where are you located?" I don't want to say Hackett, Arkansas.  I want to say, "The *blank* building on main street in Hackett, Arkansas.  Yep,  that would be pretty stinkin sweet!!

Lastly, would you like to offer our readers a special or coupon code for your Craft Cafe shop?
HECK YEAH! Who doesn't love a sale?  Since this month marks my 14th wedding anniversary, let's use coupon code: January99 for 15% off your entire order in my Craft Cafe Shop. (expires 2.14.13)

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We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Brandy for all her love and support.

Be sure to visit Bent and Burnt soon ♥ ♥ Craft Cafe Shop / Facebook


  1. What a fun upbeat interview! Jennifer and I were talking about you just the other day. It's nice to see people from my neck of the woods on Craft Cafe. :)

  2. Love this girl and what she does! All her work is unique and well made. She made my son a plaque with a picture of him barrel racing burned into the wood. We just could not get over the detail in it. she didnt miss a thing!


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