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Meet Shell Bufton from Purveyor of Geekery

Please tell us about yourself:
Compulsive adventurer, gardener, Purveyor of Geekery, seeker of swoon.
Before starting PoG I had a corporate addiction: creating marketing and UX engagement strategies for clients on the Fortune and Inc. lists. I’ve had an ecommerce project highlight among the likes of Flickr, Instructables, Wikipedia and more on PGMag’s Top 100 Website list and created strategies for a nonprofit foundation whose javascript code is found on over %54 of the top 10,000 websites in the world. I love geekery.
I slowed it down when our family was expecting an addition. As we all know: sleep deprivation + stress = no good things. I had to cut out one or the other, and sleep deprivation wasn’t going anywhere for a while. So I cut out the corporate clients and returned to my roots. I loved working with small businesses owners. I loved their passion and curiosity, their creativity and problem solving.

How long have you been in business?
I started Purveyor of Geekery in January 2012 when I was pregnant with my son, so one year now. Where does the time go? Lol. I’ve been a marketing consultant and designer for over 13 years. Cringe. Did I just reveal my age?

Please describe your business:
Ostentatious Business Finery. Our best sellers are our shop sets, logos, web ads, product labels and business card designs but we provide a full range of marketing, design, and advertising services to small businesses.

Tell us what inspires you:
Business owners! Whether they are just starting out or have been in the business for a while, I love working with business owners. I love teaching and answering questions almost as much as I love seeing clients succeed.
One was recently featured in HGTV magazine, one was named to the top 5 Crafty Moms via Babble.com, and we helped another two open brick and mortars. And that is just four! Last year, even with maternity leave we had over 370 clients from 12 countries!

Please share with others, your best marketing techniques:
I’d love to, but they’ll have to contact me. :) My best advice: make friends wherever you go. Never ever ever underestimate the power of your network but remember it’s a karma bank: in order to take anything out, you have to put it in.

What do you love most about your business?
Freedom, but that is really love or hate, depending if I am sleeping or working at midnight on any given day.

Please tell us why have chosen Craft Café as a venue for your business?
They have amazing customer service and a positive and supportive community. It’s refreshing.

What advice can you give for crafters/artisans just starting out?
Don’t get so caught up in the idea of becoming an “entrepreneur” that you forget the real reason that you are in business. The journey isn’t about you but what you can bring to the world. Your gift brings happiness to others so when you make it about that and not about yourself, the doubt and self criticism goes away and you have the freedom just to do.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I’m at a point where I don’t need or want the business to grow, but I feel obligated to. There are growing pains. I’ve been resisting the need to grow.
With the economy the way it is, every business that I can play even a small part in helping to succeed is one step closer to healing the financial needs of a family somewhere. That level of sustainability is what our communities need right now and should be an obligation to everyone. But growing at this point would require bringing on more help. Job creation is also really good right now, but I have to admit that idea scares me a bit.

Lastly, would you like to offer our readers a special or coupon code for your Craft Cafe shop?
Free stuff rocks! Let’s do a giveaway! You can enter right here!
Ends Midnight on 2.7.13, winner announced 2.8.13 :)

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We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Shell for all her love and support.

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  1. Than you guys so much for this great opportunity!!!! ~Shell

  2. Great interview!! I am a big believer in the karma bank too!


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