Promote Yourself With Confidence

HI HO there!  This is Krissy from PiixlWix Candle Company, and I am thrilled that Craft Cafe invited me back to write another blog post!
As an owner of 2 small businesses, PiixlWix Candle Company and as a hair color specialist/make up artist, I have had to promote myself unabashedly for about a decade.  Now, that is not to say I was always comfortable with it, but in order for my businesses to thrive (and for me to eat) I had to tell people what it is that I do.
And that is what we are talking about today.  How do you let EVERYONE know about your fabulous Craft Cafe shop and feel good about it?  How do you tell people that you do not even know that you make the most beautiful things, that are so close to your heart, things that you have poured your soul into and you feel like are your babies? AND that you sell these precious items, and they will think they are awesome too if they take the time to look at them?  AND to do this in a way that you don't feel like a snake oil salesman?
Here are some tips on  doing just that.  Here we go!

1. Create a script for your business.
Plan out what you want other people to know about what you do.  Write it out.  Rehearse it.  Make it your second language.   Practice on your adoring family or long suffering dog.  That way, when you are going about your day, it can come up naturally in conversation. And you can tell them with confidence. Trust me, the more you rehearse the more it will come up.

2. Everyone you meet is a potential customer, yet no one wants to be sold to.
And you are not going to do that.  YOU are not selling anything.  Yes, you have items for sale, but it is really the process of creating the things you make that you love.  Talking about where they can find your glorious things, like your Craft Cafe shop, simply is how you let them know where to find you.  And that leads us to number 3....

3. ALWAYS have a business card (or 12) with you.
When you are talking about your creative business, the best way to close a conversation is with asking if they would like your business card.  It is so weird how having something tangible, like your card, validates your conversation.  It makes it seem official, but it puts the sales ball in their court.  And it takes that pressure off of you personally.  The card holds all the information to your business that they need and you don't have to sell them anything.  WHEW!

4. NEVER, and I mean EVER, take rejection personally.
WOW!  Wayyyyyy easier said than done. Ask yourself, "What does rejection mean to me?" Does it mean not getting a sale?  Does it mean not getting a wholesale account? Or not getting any likes on your Facebook post?  Does it mean that no one seems to need or want what you are offering?  You are the only one that can weigh the value of your craft.  And you are the only one that can soothe your bruised artistic soul.  Find out how you do that best and it will empower you to move on.  Fear of rejection is one of the biggest hurdles you will have to jump in learning to promote yourself and the best way to figure out how is to simply JUMP.  JUMP!

5. Give yourself permission to share what you love.
Passion for creating!! That thing that drives you to late nights in your studio, your extra bedroom or your kitchen table (you wish you could eat on) will help you in all areas of self promotion.  As artists, crafters, and creators, we may have a hard time letting other people into our world.  After all, what we are making has a little bit of our souls in it.  That can be difficult to share, but allowing others to enjoy your items too will enrich your life as an artist.  As will allowing your self to just talk about it! So, start with this blog post.  Tell me in the comments what you are in love with creating!

Thank you again to Craft Cafe and to all you creative rock stars out there for reading my post!
I hope this helps with self promotion and if you have any questions feel free to ask away.  And don't forget to tell me what you love in the comments below!

Blog On :)


  1. It is hard to learn when and how to promote organically, but totally worth the learning curve. Nice advice!

  2. I firmly believe that information comes to you when you need it the most.Combined with this posting and the following quotation I received today:“Accept your own perfection”-don Miguel Ruiz,I will continue my commitment to quality handcrafted paper products!

  3. Self promotion does have a huge learning curve Melissa! And getting comfortable with it has an even bigger one. I hope that my post helps everyone out!

  4. @APenny-I am glad you are continuing your commitment to your biz:). As a customer of yours, I can truly say that your artistry and craftsmanship are top notch!!
    Paper on!!!


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