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Washable pillow cover 12 X 16 inches.
Ready to ship.

THREE ROSES is handmade using fabulous vintage chenilles in pinks, gray-green, taupe and white needletufting. Pillow cover measures approximately 12 inches by 16 inches. 

The pillow top has a center panel with three roses, leaves and flourishes all beautifully needletufted. I added plush pink chevron rows on each side of the points of the center panel. Then I bordered the roses panel with rows of white needle tufting. These parallel rows feather out on each side of the panel and really accentuate the pink roses. Love the way this turned out! Pillow front is lined and interlined. These additional steps add beauty and strength to handmade textile accessories, enabling you to enjoy them for many years.

The backside of THREE ROSES is white heavy cotton matelasse and chenille from a vintage bedspread. The back panels are also lined. This pillow cover is professionally sewn and serged in slipcover fashion so that your insert can be removed and the pillow cover can be laundered using cool and delicate wash/dry cycles. 

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