Craft Cafe Site Guide - First Time Visitors

Are you a first time visitor to Craft Cafe? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the new layout of our website? This guide is intended to ease your way into Craft Cafe and help you get accustomed to what links do what and what parts of the site you can access
The photograph below has a letter next to each item we'll be talking about in this guide today.

Reference the photograph for locations of the buttons as described in the list below it.
(Note: this guide assumes you've just discovered our site and have no familiarity with anything on the site)

  • a – Craft CafĂ© Logo - this is basically like clicking HOME on any other page. This will bring you back to this screen if you haven’t logged in.
  • b – Social media Links - this is how to find us online (this area will be expanding soon). How to find us on our fan page, twitter, pinterest and blogspot blog.
  • c – Site greeting - the default is “Hello, Guest” this means you’re not logged in, or if you haven’t even registered, it shows you as guest. Parts of the site won’t work if you’re not logged in
  • d – Handmade Tab – this lets you search and browse handmade items ONLY
  • e – Supplies Tab – this tab lets you restrict your search & browsing to supply items only.
  • f – Search Tab – another way to access site search. 
  • g – Sign up Tab – to register for a new account click this tab
  • h – Sign in Tab – this is where you click to log in once you’ve registered with us. Its free to register and we promise not to sell your info (More info in our privacy policy at the bottom of the page)
  • i - Search – this lets you choose by a drop down menu whether you want to keyword search by handmade shops, supply shops or you can also search by shop name
  • i.1 - (left side of page) there’s another way to look through shops by handmade shopping, supply shopping or the search products – which brings up a random assortment of a few shops and some of the items sold by those shops. The list of shops in this area changes with each refresh so you’ll get a constant stream of things to look at from registered shops.
  • j - Front Page Items – this is a randomized assortment of items from all items that shops have chosen to feature. Each shop can feature up to 30 items per shop. 
  • k - Categories – this shows handmade categories as shown. These are top level or primary categories and there are many more that are cut off by the screen cap. Scrolling down will get you more categories. Clicking on a category brings up sub categories which are uniform. Clicking on a sub category will bring up keyword tags within that sub category and keywords are chosen by individual sellers and may vary in spelling.

    That's it for this guide. Next guide will be for those who are registered users and who are logged in.

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