Craft Cafe - General Site Guide - for buyers/browsers

Want to know how to find what and where on Craft Cafe? Since we're a 100% new site, built from the ground up some of our features may be different than others.

This guide is intended to be a reference for users who are logged in but who are not sellers. This is mostly for folks looking to buy from Craft Cafe Shops and how to use the site.

  1. Craft Cafe Logo (Home) Clicking this will return you to the main page you see here (different featured items though)
  2. Messages - this is your site based email/message system. The messages waiting indicator will change to show how many messages you have waiting.
  3. Account  - This is where your personally identifying info is kept. Your address, email address, phone # and password change are in here. 
  4. Profile - Your personal profile - this is where your favorited items will be found.
  5. Cart - when you're shopping you can add items to your cart and find them here (before completing checkout.
  6. Social media - Facebook fan page, twitter, pinterest, blogspot - this will be updated in the coming weeks to include new social media links
  7. Handmade - how to find handmade items
  8. Supplies - how to find supply items
  9. Search -  yet another way to access the search options
  10. OpenShop - click this if you want to set up to sell. You can have more than one shop per account. 
  11. Search - dropdown - the drop down menu lets you search by handmade, supply or shop name
  12. Front page items - this listing changes every time you refresh your screen and is made of a random assortment of items from sellers who have featured items in their shop. Every shop is allowed to feature up to 30 items.
  13. Left Menu Search - handmade or supply shopping - or you can get a sneak preview of some items from a few shops at once - using the search products option - this is still being worked on
    13.1 - list of handmade categories - continues on past where the screen cut off.

    See next image for a continuation of this guide:

  14. Shop Count - this shows how many shops are signed up and how many products are listed (only totals active shops)
  15. Social media buttons - Find something you like on Craft Cafe and want to tell the world - each listing has a set of these buttons - you can easily share items to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or by email.
  16. FreshlyBrewed - these are new listings as added by vendors on Craft Cafe. Clicking the image takes you to the listing.
  17. Site Map - includes our list of contact options, banners to link to Craft Cafe, our Terms & condidions & more.
  18. Newsletter signup - enter your email address to sign up for our newsletter.
  19. News & updates on the right will be updated any time a major announcement affects the entire site's users. 

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