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These bath bombs are molded in various shapes and you get one large molded heart that resembles lemon yellow in color. Plus you can have these scented with lemon essential oil or any other oil that I list.

Bath bombs are essentially baking soda and citric acid but some people like to add cornstarch and other skin loving goodies.

There is also a choice of witch hazel, butters or oils to slightly wet the mixture so that the bath bomb can be packed together and become a hard object. I personally found that I like to use babassu oil because just like coconut oil it is fairly solid at room temperature but starts to melt at body temperature.

Citrus 1-lemon, grapefruit, lime
Citrus 2-lemon grapefruit, mandarin
Citrus 3-lemon grapefruit, sweet orange
Citrus 4-grapefruit lime, mandarin

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