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Use these spoons to stir and sweeten your tea all once! These are available in lemon flavor, cinnamon, or honey/lemon flavor. I can also make them in any flavor you choose! These are great at a wedding or baby shower! This would make an amazing gift for that tea drinker in your life! Or just order some for yourself! Works in hot or cold tea. If you don't use it all in one sitting you can rinse and save it for later. Just convo me with your choice of flavor. Order comes with 16 spoons, with approximately one ounce of candy attatched to each. Spoons are individually wrapped, with ingredients and "made on" date listed on package. Also, in hot summer months I dip them in powdered sugar to prevent sticking during travel. If you need a special flavor or color ~ spoons or candy ~ just let me know! These are AMAZING at your wedding/baby shower! 

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