Overview - How to Add Coupons

This image provides an overview of what to do and what you can't do with the coupons section of our site. 

Here's an update: Coupons are still not 100% done but its closer to being done.

Explanation of coupon types:
Whole Shop: this is a code you can set - to give different discounts to different groups of people - but it applies to the whole shop. You can choose % off or $ off. So if you want to give $5 to your friends - you can give them one code, and you want to give 40% off to your fans - you give them another code.
For this type of code you create the code & share the code. The customer applies the code at checkout and its off their whole order from your entire shop. Once you create the code you DO NOT have to apply it to listings. ONLY the individual product discounts must be applied to individual listings.

Individual product discount: this is like putting certain items on sale to EVERYONE. That is every item you have a product discount on - shows as on sale to everyone who looks at that item in your shop. This can lead to more spur of the moment purchases.***** IF You choose this type and want to apply it to some of your items, YOU MUST go into the products you want it to apply to, EDIT the products (2nd to last item in the edit product area) pick the discount you wish to apply and then click UPDATE & PUBLISH on your item to make sure it applies to your item. You have to do this manually at this time for each item you wish to add the discount to (and remove if you want to remove it early). Sorry there's no way to mass apply discounts yet.

**NOTE** there are plans for a 3rd type but I don't have full details yet. Most likely this will be an individual product discount - but that you give customers to enter at checkout (instead of everyone seeing an item on sale). (per discussions with our programmer).

This is just a temporary answer - as soon as the coupon area is 100% done I will complete a full tutorial.

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