Tutorial: Product Options & Variants

Many sellers offer products that can be customized to their customer's individual liking without needing to list a ton of separate items. 

Using Craft Cafe's product options & variants section will help you the seller customize your listings to give your buyers the most product choices with the least amount of work.

Step 1 - point your browser to here: https://craftcafe.co/account/shop/variant.php
you'll get this screen:

Step 2 - You'll need to name your option(s). This tutorial shows me adding product options for my items - I do jewelry, photography and digital art. So your option names will differ from mine (or may be the same in some cases).
Make sure you click the ADD+ button once for each type of option you offer. [note at this time you can only pick one option type per listing]

Like the photo shows once you get all your option categories listed click the link at the top to go to the product values page - shown here:

If I click ADD+ next to anklet length - I can add an option variant to the list. See image below for my list of anklet lengths and more info for the next step. Make sure you click SAVE next to each variant. You can click ADD+ several times to get yourself a list of blank slots to add all at once and then click save after each - its just a flicker update not a page refresh so you don't have to worry about losing a lot of typed data
Description can be anything or you can leave it blank, examples: if you have fragrances you can give a description of each fragrance here or if its a t-shirt or skirt size you can give those details here.

Now when you get all your various options filled with variants and all are saved you can go in and edit an item and on the very last item of edit item or create new item page is the product option selection box.
Depending on your item click the drop down and select the option you have that applies to that item and finish your listing.

*Note if you have a special product option like higher end fragrances or something create a separate longer list for ones that include BOTH basic and higher end options - since at this time there isn't a way to add two options per listing yet.

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