Tutorial: Adding Your Social Media Links

Some of you have expressed difficulty in adding your social media links this simple tutorial will show you how

First point your browser here: https://craftcafe.co/account/shop/account.php
About 1/2 way down the page you'll get this - and I've highlighted the area for adding your social media links in red.

Type in your first link (Links shown here are for my links - use your own for your social media links):
See here:

And click ADD+ (brings up this):

Change the site name & link in the first row and hit add+ again adding a new link
Repeat as often as needed for however many links you wish to post:
Here is my completed list - this shows proper formatting for links as well.
If you've added an item and want to change the name or fix a link - REFRESH the page (ctrl+R - to reload) then it'll show the list in alphabetical order and give you the option to edit (UPDATE) or delete (X) your links.

They appear in alphabetical order - this is the only option - you can't arrange them to suit your preferences sorry:

That's it.

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